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MindRec Store Update!

The MindRec Store has been updated with the new 2013 re-release of Meteor Blaster DX. Lower prices on most items and the return of Implode and the MindRec game pack can also be found in the store. (MB re-release is set for early June, you can pre-order now).

Pop on over to http://hextic.btgarner.com and play Hextix on your smart phone. No longer a pay for app, it's free, enjoy!

Free Download: LOOP2

Loop 2, previously only available on the Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition SCD is now available as a free download. Go to the PCE Projects section to download Loop 2! wi

This is the prgress meter for the Meteor Blaster DX project. Below are listed the 5 main sections (and 1 misc section) that make up the complete project. Meteor Blaster DX is the main game, and thus will take the most time. The SCD Menu subproject is the intro menu that allows you to select between the 3 games on the SCD. Implode Caravan is a special version of Implode that is time based. Only a few persons have seen and played this version as it was done exclusively for MAGFest 2002, and not seen publically since (only 3 CDs were made with this game on it, so it is not easy to find). The Mystery Game is a new PCE game that has not been publically released. More details will be available as the overall progress gets closer to 100%.

Meteor Blaster DX progress METER
Area Title Progress Next Tasks
Meteor Blaster DX 100% COMPLETE
Implode Caravan 100% COMPLETE
Mystery Game (LOOP) 100% COMPLETE
Non-SCD Screen 100% COMPLETE
Other Tasks 100% COMPLETE
Overall Progress 100% Game is available for sale.

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